Här kan du läsa mera om olika vandringsleder som finns i Närpes

Mossbergets nature walks

The southern path is 2.4 km long and the northern is 3 km. The paths are marked so they are easy to find and also meet each other, making a path of 5.4 km.

Outside Böle UF one can find a map of the nature walks, from there visitors may bring maps. By both the Southern and the Northern trail a parking spot is located. The Northern trail starts from Böle sandväg, drive on Bölevägen and then turn onto Böle sandväg for about 2 km before reaching the startingpoint. The southern trail starts from Mossvägen, ca 1 km South of Böle UF.

Goljat hiking path

The Goliatpath is about 18 km long, with excellent terrain and signs and yellow marks so that it is easy to find. The trail goes from Vargberget to the forest around Svartbäck where one can see maiden dances and other traces of ancient times. Coordinates: ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6942607 E: 215212

Valsbergets hiking trail

Just under 3 km long. There are a lot of things to see by the trail, e.g. a cave and traces from the ice age. There is also a viewpoint where one can enjoy the view of Övermark or grill one's packed lunch. The trail starts by the folkmuseum but one can also start where the path starts by Bergsvägen 34. Maps are found in a box by both places, but the parking spots are better by the folkmuseum. Coordinates: ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6955016 E: 223288

Velkmossa vandringsled

Velkmossa hiking trail starts on the other side of the road from Velkmossa villagehouse, Ribackvägen 94 and is 9 km as a round-trip. The path is marked by yellow marks in the terrain. By the trail, that goes to Viitala in Petalax, one can find ancient graves and old places of living. Coordinates: ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6971020 E: 215932: 215932

Fållbäcks walking trail

Fållbäcks path goes through the forest in the South of Högåsen. It's a 6.5 km long walking trail that goes through different types of terrain and is marked with yellow marks. The beginning is located by Högåsen's sporting houses, coordinates ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6951949 E: 219851

In the wintertime the trail works as a skiing track