Concerts, exhibitions or festivals. What's happening this autumn in Närpes?

01 December 2023

Which shop has the best Christmas window in Närpes? You can vote for your favourite in any of the participating shops. A NFF gift card is raffled among voters. Voting runs from 18 November to 13 December.

05 December 2023

Vargberget is a beautiful place to enjoy nature throughout the year. Whether you're a fan of outdoor activities, hiking, or simply taking in the natural surroundings, Vargberget offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with the outdoors. The changing seasons likely add to the charm of this location, providing different experiences and scenery throughout the year.

05 December 2023

The beautiful Närpes river has a length of 75 km and the main river begins in the artificial lake of Kivi- and Levalampi. The river runs through Pörtom and continues south where the tributary Lillån joins the main river in Övermark. The river runs through the center of Närpes and the outlet is in the freshwater basin Västerfjärden.

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