Det här händer i Närpes

Active organizations

We are proud of our many active youth- and village associations in Närpes. During the summer months they organize archipelago dances, village days and flea markets. In the winter the youth associations offer much appreciated revues. Check the calendar of events for more information on current events.


In the village of Rangsby, at the furthest most point where land meets sea, you will find Fagerö folkpark. Saturday dances with different themes are arranged all summer long. Although the park has long standing traditions, events are organized for both young and old. Discos, dances and pub nights with a troubadour are arranged side by side. This enables different generations to meet and have fun at the same time, a successful concept which few places can boast about. There is also an archipelago restaurant and a mini-golf course open in the summer.

Sports events

The citizens of Närpes are active exercisers and athletes, which is why there are sports competitions arranged at different levels year around. As a visitor to Närpes you are welcome to watch or participate, depending on the type of event.  

Track and field-, orienteering-, biking- and tennis competitions are organized annually, among others. The soccer club Kraft’s games in division II at Mosedalsplanen draw a large number of spectators, just like Tomatspelen (tomatogames) in track-and field. If you have a lot of energy and feel up to a challenge, the Tjejmilen or Minitriathlon events could be suitable alternatives for you.

For juniors, there are different types of sports camps, a mini relay carnival and a soccer school. More information about different sporting events can be found in the calendar of events.

Christmas opening

One Sunday near the end of November, when our thoughts are starting to focus on Christmas, there is a Christmas opening event downtown Närpes. A cozy Christmas atmosphere with a handicraft market can be found at the market place, along with various performances. Perhaps you will find a home baked Christmas cake, a homemade wreath or some other beautiful Christmas decoration. There are special activities for children; arts and crafts, a petting zoo, and of course Santa comes for a visit. 

You can also browse the different shops downtown Närpes. They stay open for the entire afternoon and usually they treat their customers to something extra special on this pleasant Sunday. Take time to admire their Christmas storefront displays and remember that if you take the time to get your Christmas shopping done now, you can take it easy and enjoy the other Christmas preparations in December.

Närpes school brass band

Närpes school brass band consists of the town’s many musical pupils. The majorettes are also a part of the band, the only ones of their kind in Finland. The school brass band is widely known outside of Finland’s borders and the band has performed in most European countries, such as during large sporting events. On their home turf, the school brass band often organizes much appreciated events and joint concerts together with famous artists. Every year, on the first of May, they also organize a parade through downtown Närpes.

Närpes Theater

In Öjskogsparken you can find the revolving bleachers of Närpes Theatre. Skilled amateur actors put on an outdoor play every summer, with the local dialect as the spoken language. Acting at the highest level inspires both laughter and tears. Seated on the revolving bleachers, the audience is rotated around with the changing scenography. This is a completely different viewing experience compared to a regular indoor theatre. This year the theatre celebrates its 50th anniversary with the play Colorado Avenue.

Slättens Mat & Mystik Food and cultural event

When the days grow shorter, the air turns crisp and it is harvesting time, time has come for the event Slättens Mat & Mystik (Food & Mystique of the plains). During one weekend in September visitors are treated to different cultural events and a market geared towards food at the market place in downtown Närpes.

Come by and inhale the scents from local produce and exotic dishes, fill your belly, meet friends and buy something extra delicious for the weekend.

Tomato carnival

The first Friday evening and Saturday in July there is a carnival in downtown Närpes. The main street is blocked off and filled with happy visitors. There is a giddy atmosphere and something is always happening. Local talents as well artists from afar perform on stage. The vendors’ shouts about their fantastic goods can be heard from their stands. Grab the opportunity to buy fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the world’s longest tomato table, while enjoying the atmosphere and a good meal!

There are a variety of events and exhibits going on in the downtown area. It is summer and the entire evening stays bright and nobody wants to go to bed. You don’t need to; the local restaurants keep their tent- and patio catering open until the wee hours of the night.