If you wish to admire the archipelago from the sea you can make an excursion to the island of Gåshällan located in the Bothnian Sea. The island is a couple of hundred meters wide and about 800 m long. On the north end of the island you can find the former pilot cabin and on the southern part the disused coast guard station. (The southern part of Gåshällan is also called Långbådan.) Both stations are nowadays kept in shape by volunteers. The Gåshällan area is part of Natura 2000. Most of the island is a bird sanctuary, limiting freedom of movement on the island during the breeding season of from May 1 to July 15.

The Pilot Cabin – a gathering point for skippers

The pilot cabin was completed in 1909 and remains today although the pilot station was shut down in 1968. The national Forestry Administration (Metsähallitus) rents Gåshällan to Skepparklubben Närpes. The association has had Gåshällan as its gathering point since 1970. The club’s members take care of maintaining the pilot cabin, the docks, a boathouse, a sauna, a barbecue spot and a playhouse. During summer various activities are organized, such as Open House Day with fish soup, diploma handout and sea dance. In summer time, Gåshällan is today an important gathering place for boaters and others. Gåshällan is meant to be used by everyone. Anyone who wants to can take a dip in the sea and enjoy the wood-burning sauna as well as use the barbecue area.

Gåshällan Nature station

Naturstation Gåshällan r.f. is operating in the former coast guard station since spring 2006. The association aims to promote and develop the conservation of archipelago traditions and archipelago culture, taking into account the sensitive nature and birdlife in accordance with the national Forestry Administration’s (Metsähallitus) directives on the use of land areas.

The nature station is suitable for boaters, school camps, companies, individuals, bird watchers, courses and many other kinds of groups. The station provides accommodation, meeting and sauna services to groups on order.

Nature station website: www.gashallan.fi

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Gåshällan: +358 (0)40 198 9814, Naturstation Gåshällan:
skepparklubben@narpes.fi naturstation@gashallan.fi