In the lovely nature in Bodbacka one can ski on a winterday and go for a naturewalk in the summer.

I den underbara naturen i Bodbacka kan du skida under en vacker vinterdag. Sommartid kan man istället promenera i spåret.

Enjoy a beautiful day skiing or walking in Helenelunds skitracks.

Hinjärvs träsk is a lake located in Korsnäs and Närpes. Hinjärv is the biggest naturelake in the coastal region of Ostrobothnia and is quite impressive with its are of 7.9 squarekilometres. In Bodbacka one can enjoy a beachday by the lake of Hinjärv. Here one can have barbeque, swim or play in the nearby little playground - a nice place to visit!

Enjoy the beautiful nature while going skiing in the skitracks on Högåsen. The track is lit up in case you want to ski or take a walk when its dark outside.

Nearby one can train in the outdoor gym if the mood strikes.

Here you can enjoy a walk in the nature or, if the weather allows, go skiing.

Go skiing or walking in Norrnäs skitrack and enjoy the beautiful nature.

In Öjskogsparken in Närpes you can go skiing in the beautiful winterweather. The track is also suitable if you want to enjoy the nature on a walk.

Next to Öjskogsparken one finds Öjskogsspåret which is 2.5 km long. Coordinates: ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6938617 E: 207828


Prästövägen 30

Pjelax skitrack is available if you want to ski or walk in a beautiful natural environment.

Here one can enjoy the nature either skiing or walking.

Go skiing or walking in the beautiful skitrack of Rangsby.

Risnästräsket is a lovely place where one can enjoy the nature, grill food or enjoy the hikingtrail that is located nearby.

The farming landscape in Närpes is flat. This results from the ice age and the land uplift, which is very noticeable here. Wide open landscapes and vast fields as far as the eye can see are a reality here. The greenhouses that are well known in Närpes are also a part of the farming landscape. Tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables are grown year around, regardless of the cold and dark. Dotted throughout the landscape are the well tended farmhouses, painted in the characteristic red with white awnings. Those who want to get closer acquainted with the old farms can visit one of Närpes’ local history museums. Don’t hesitate to contact the tourist information for suggestions of places worth seeing in the region.

Tjärlax hikingpath is either 4,1 km or 1,7km depending on which route you take and is therefore suitable for many different people. The start goes from Tjärlax stugby. Coordinates: ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6936714 E: 201995

This hikingpath is next to nature that is quite unusual for these areas. One can also find Närpes' oldest tree.

In Töjby skitracks one can enjoy the beautiful nature either by skiis or foot, depending on the weather. The skitracks are located next to Töjby stadium and ice hockey rink so wether one visits to exercise or enjoy the nature one wille enjoy oneself.

Vargberget is a centre for outdooractivities in Närpes. Here one can find naturewalks, skitracks and hikepaths, of which 7.5 km are lit up when its dark. The area is easy to find from R8 due to the signs.



Welcome to enjoy all the beautiful thing located on Vargberget! Here one can find beautiful nature with hikingpaths of different lengths, a hilly skitrack, exercise stairs and a track for roller skiing. Here one can also find a skiingcabin for bigger groups, grillcottage, locker rooms with showers/sauna etc. The spaces are bookable.

Vargberget's naturewalk is 5 km and Goliatleden 17.8 km. Coordinates for the start: ETRS-TM35FIN N: 6942607 E: 215212

Every week a lot of different sporting teams train here, but the area is also frequently used by other people who want to exercise of all ages. Also families with children and schools enjoy the grounds.



By the outdooractivity centre of Vargberget a small lake is located tand suitable for swimming in. The lockerrooms also contain a sauna.